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Public Relations is the keeper of the brand, and must effectively communicate to every stakeholder, be it customers, executives, investors or the market at large

Media Intelligence

Every day, millions of Social Media conversations and News Articles that will impact your organization are being authored online. Media Intelligence is the process of gathering all the data available through Social Media and News Media outlets and analyzing the data to allow for better business decision making. Neptun has the complete solution for Media Intelligence.

Crisis Handling

When they hear “crisis management,” most people think of a random negative event that happens suddenly and without warning, like a lightning strike of bad PR. Professional crisis management is seen as a reactive discipline in the wake of an allhands-on-deck business emergency. But good crisis management is really risk management. The truth is, most crisis events can be anticipated, and the most effective handling of a risky situation lies in anticipating and planning for that seemingly random event or happening.

Corporate Communications

A positive and enduring corporate reputation, supported by strategic corporate PR, is one of the keys to credibility and engagement among customers and business stakeholders. We have helped clients in consumer products, technology, retail, and financial services build and preserve a positive image for the corporation through strategic corporate communications.

Message & Media Training

Professional media training and preparation can help any client take advantage of a media interview opportunity and “own” the story. Media and speaker training is the best way to maximize an interview or speaking opportunity, and it has the added benefit of boosting confidence and helping to clarify thinking around important messages and issues.

Media Relations

Media relations and public relations are often thought of as synonymous. Of course, they aren’t the same thing; any PR pro will tell you that media relations is actually a subset of the broader range of public relations services, which can include communications strategy, key messages, a storytelling blueprint, and often content creation and marketing. That’s one reason some PR professionals feel that a media relations specialist or “publicist” label is reductive and inaccurate. Another is the decline in traditional media outlets, which has made publicity placement more challenging, and the rise in “owned” media, or brand-created content.

Product Launches

The need for a strong PR strategy for a product marketing launch and a flawlessly executed PR program to support it is probably the most common trigger for hiring a PR agency. Just as you only have one chance to make a first impression, you typically have a single shot at a successful product launch.

Hello, we are Neptun Public Relations. Our agency offers public relations and other external marketing services to meet all business requirements. We connect consumer, corporate, and technology with their target audiences, generating media endorsement and audience engagement to deliver a real commercial advantage for our clients. HOW WE CAN HELP ? We help brands navigate and communicate through today’s complex media landscapes – traditional, social and digital. We generate dazzling ideas, activate creative campaigns and utilize our deep media contacts to amplify brands and drive measurable results


Our team members are our greatest asset
Dian Agustina

Dian Agustina


Dian is experienced more than 10 years in journalism. Starting her career as a journalist and editor assistant at Investor Daily (2002), then as an editor at Merdeka daily (2008), and as a managing editor at Pelitaonline.com (2011). She was also doing job as media relations and consultant at RedWhite Communication Solutions (2009) and Bamboedoea Communications (2011) as a media consultant. She then managed women online magazine Fimelle. com (2012) as a content director. In November 2012, she joined Yayasan Kinarya Didaktika, a non-profit organization which manages free boarding-based school for needy children, as a public relations manager and daily executor. She was also a senior media consultant at Archiss in 2013. She then founded www.zonaperempuan.com.

Febby Paramita

Febby Paramita

Digital Strategist

Febby is an hard worker who enjoys life story with photography of human interest for Non Profit Organization. Starting her career as a Administration at Empat Angkat Interior Design (2008), Honorary Staff of Administration at Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Republic of Indonesia (2012), Project Administrator at MNC Pictures (2014), than as an Studio Coordinator for all branches at PT. Tasnim Bina Indonesia (2015). She’s also Passionate in digital strategist,social media and public relations. Currently, she's often to assist by several companies as social media specialist.

Tri Wibowo Santoso

Tri Wibowo Santoso

Public Relations

Bowo starting his career as print media reporter at Kedaulatan Rakyat (2001) this is his first experience as print media reporter, then as a Politics Editor at Tabloid Bomb (2003), and as a Reporter at Radio 68H (2002). He was also doing job as researcher at braiN (2005) and VHR Media (2006) as a Reporter. Bowo has over 17 + years experience in Journalism. In 2007 until 2014 he work on multinational research company as a researcher and analyst. Now he work as a Redaktur at Rimanews.com. And the others Bowo also has experience in organisation as a Sekjen at PWJ.

Iman Mulia Rosidi

Iman Mulia Rosidi

Media Relations

Iman Mulia Rosidi is a journalist for almost 15 years. He started his career as a Media Center press officer at General Election Commission (KPU), a joint cooperation between KPU and UNDP. Being a press officer, Iman is used to work with journalists, making a press release, analised news, and produced a press conference. Afterwards, Iman started working as a reporter at Network Marketing Magazine, and Riau Mandiri newspaper. He is currently working at Trijaya Network Radio, and assisting ArchiSS, a pulic relation consultant for a media relation and publication related to Democratic Party.



Membangun Kepercayaan Publik Setelah Krisis

Sebelum membicarakan tentang Membangun Kepercayaan Publik Setelah Krisis, setidaknya kita perlu menyebutkan kebutuhan untuk membangun kepercayaan dengan klien dan pelanggan Anda secara berkelanjutan. Kebutuhan tersebut termasuk layanan yang ramah dan membantu serta integritas dan kejujuran. Read more…

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